What is Codefox?


Codefox is a fully self-funded company established in Finland in 2022.

Our primary mission is to fill the gap in the corporate field by providing external technology leadership services (CTO).

Until now, such services have only been available in Finland as part of software development agreements, and we wanted to change that. We are the agile and precise partner that many have been searching for but couldn't find.

Similar services have been successfully offered abroad for some time. As these are executive-level tasks, it was essential to provide a Finnish alternative to the domestic market, and that's where Codefox comes in.

With our experience and expertise, we assist companies in scaling their operations in all situations and stages, starting from ground zero.

As an entity, we are completely impartial, but we have significant service providers in our network, including digital marketing, e-commerce, software development, and testing.

Trust is of utmost importance to us, and it reflects in everything we do. While working with many companies, it is clear that certain practices and models are applied, but confidential information is never at risk of being disclosed. Our contracts include confidentiality clauses, and we have liability insurance. In May 2023, the company also received the Reliable Partner accreditation.

Aleksi Kallio is the majority owner of Codefox. Liquido Ventures Oy, which has propelled numerous companies forward, serves as a minor shareholder in this highly professional entity of ours.

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