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The common thread among the words "backend developer, frontend developer, mobile developer, QA architect, cloud architect, system architect, sysops, DevOps automation, database administrator, Windows administrator, Linux administrator, network builder, application architect, entrepreneur, CEO, team lead, and technology director" is Aleksi Kallio, the man behind Codefox.

Before embarking on his current entrepreneurial path, Aleksi's most recent professional milestone was at the software development company Flashnode. During his six years there, he progressed from a software developer to a team lead and eventually became the Chief Technology Officer. He has accumulated a remarkable 14 years of experience in e-commerce.

As a self-proclaimed generalist, Aleksi excels at translating commercial desires, requirements, and requests into understandable technical terms, and vice versa. He also possesses the ability to act as a clear and comprehensible intermediary between developers and others.

Using technology to solve problems has become a familiar approach for Aleksi. However, before doing so, it is important to ensure that the problem is properly defined, without losing sight of the big picture. This often leads to the realization that the best solutions lie in process changes, data structures, or information architecture. Codefox's clients now benefit from this exceptional insight through Codefox.

In his free time, this walking encyclopedia, affectionately called "Allu" by friends, enjoys spending time with his family and occasionally indulges in fishing when relaxation is at the forefront of his mind. It would be strange if modern technology did not play some role outside of work as well. That's why electric vehicles, various smart home solutions, and other "nerdy stuff" have become an integral part of his everyday life.

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